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    2019 NEW RELEASE


     After the launch of the 256-element high-frequency composite linear array, ALS has developed and released two more high-frequency linear array transducers. One is a 7.5-MHz 192-element linear array, and the other is a 7.5-MHz 128-element linear array. Both of them have the advantages of excellent acoustic performance, ideal reliability and low-cost.

     Based on clinical needs and feedbacks from market, ALS has improved our manufacture and test process. ALS's products must pass a series of strict property and reliability tests before they are released to ensure that they can maintain excellent performance throughout their lifecycles.

     The 7.5MHz 256-element linear array transducer is expect to meet the demands of the high-end market. The new production of 7.5MHz 192-element and 7.5MHz 128-element linear array transducers can cover from the premium to the basic demands of the market.

     ALS will continuously release high-quality medical ultrasound probes to provide outstanding products and services to more customers.

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