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    ALS initiated 2018 campus recruitment


    In September 2017, Acoustic Life Science Co.,Ltd(ALS) initiated 2018 campus recruitment in Xi'an, Harbin, Beijing, Chengdu and Changsha.

     With the belief of "Talent First", ALS has developed and fostered an excellent R&D and management team. Our team members have made significant contributions to shape and drive new areas in medical ultrasound business, and their work has been acknowledged by winning them awards such as "Shanghai Thousand Talents plan" experts, "National Youth Thousand Talents Plan" experts, "Shanghai Pujiang Talents plan", "Shanghai Young Talented Sailing Plan" talent, "Shanghai Talent Development Funding Scheme", etc.

    The campus recruitment proves to be an efficient platform for ALS to communicate with the graduates. ALS welcomes young talents to join and make contributions to the development of medical ultrasound industry!


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